Separated and not Equal

Matt 25

I love how Jesus never leaves  a single stone unturned, or any loop holes for us to slip through then say, “ If I only understood what Jesus was really meaning.” My post from yesterday could be read again with the addition of the following thoughts.

The parable of the virgins adds the warning that we must be ready for the bridegroom ,and while we're waiting don’t become complacent or fall asleep. During the time of waiting, Jesus is telling us to use what we have wisely. In verse 14-30 the following parable of the talents enforces this truth.

Finally, in case I didn’t quite understand, verse 31-46 explains what is going to happen when Jesus takes His position on the throne in all His glory. There is the great separation that will take place, when we will be judged for what we did and didn't do. Our hearts will be checked under God’s microscope, what we have done will also be judged, because what I do gives much insight to what is inside.

I am understanding that all things are not equal, just because I am present for an exam doesn't give me a automatic pass. Jesus is not making me feel comfortable as I read this. 

My prayer Lord, is that as I walk from day to day, that I get it right and meet Your requirement for me. Amen

Paul D.M Johnson


The End and the Beginning

Matt. 24

As I live my life as a believer it is so easy to be consumed with living: doing life, meeting deadlines, focusing on the future as it relates to me.  Today I am strongly reminded by this passage that to live is Christ and to die is gain!

Jesus here is giving us a roadmap to understand the signals of the end of this age. When I think of many of the signs listed in this passage along with the description of a woman in labour (verse 8). The signs are becoming more frequent and pronounced. Then in verse 34 Jesus says something very serious…… when you see these things happen know that this generation will not die until everything has happened. If that wasn’t enough He says, “ Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away”. This is another way of saying when Jesus speaks His words it is timeless

Even as to I am so easily consumed with my  busy life, the fact remains that scripture is being fulfilled, the time here on earth is short, and I need to be prepared and ready for the wedding (in chapter 22). If I am as serious as the Lord wants me to be, there would be a sense of urgency in how I live today, and how intense my passion is with respect to finding ways to let the whole world know that there is no one that He wants to leave behind. Everyone is invited to make their lives matter today for eternity, He is coming soon!

Paul D.M Johnson



Matt. 23

In this passage there is a simple message and the Messiah was very clear in His monolog. There are few places in the scriptures where He was stronger with His words. Christ is speaking to the scribes, Pharisees and teachers, religious leaders who were all the targets of this discourse. 

The warning to this group was to those who sat in the  Moses seat(leaders of the church), where the holy scriptures were both read and taught (seat of authority). Their teachings were focused around the outward practices, it must make us look good to be good. These teachings put the hearers under bondage and weighted down the people with rituals. For instance, washing the outside of the cup that everyone sees, the outward was what mattered to them but the problem is that Jesus wasn't hearing any talk or interest about cleaning the inside of the cup. It was all about looking good for ego sake. Jesus is saying here, yes clean the cup on the outside, as well as the inside.  It needs the same focus as the outside. Then there were the issues of saying one thing and doing the another, along with showing superiority by their position and power, which is pride.

Today that same warning applies to us all to ensure that the whole truth is presented, the outer... and the inner part.

Woe to those that mislead, or exploit the word of God.


Who is the KING of the Castle?

Matt 22 

Again, a bunch of nuggets here, here are a few thoughts, 

verse 2-

There is a marriage that is happening, and Christ the bridegroom has prepared a wonderful spread. The bride is us the church, with the vows being the gospel on which we are called to believe, and a big sacrifice has been given which the food that we eat at this banquet. Jesus continues to bait the listeners in this parable, the ones who knew better couldn’t be bothered to go and invite guests to the wedding banquet. Therefore the king destroys those servants…. (I mean the king). The king sends out some more servants that truly understood the mandate. People started coming to the banquet, but one person arrived and thought that he could come dress how he wanted,  “Arizona casual”. God seems to be reminding me, that he is requiring formal wear only, which means preparation is required.

  verse 15-22

There is a feeling from the religious leaders that they are trying to entrap Jesus with the law of the land… go figure. Is it Caesar or is it God, who owns what is really important here. God trumps Caesar, Caesar keeps the coin. God gets my life.

verse 41-45

The closing argument is in , is who is the bridegroom? David you know, decent starting point, but even David says “LORD” (v45). If God is God then I must give myself to him.

GOD RESTS HIS CASE!!!! Court is now adjourned.

This is an incredible example of using the law and divine understanding.

Paul D.M Johnson


Following Him

Matt. 21

As usual there is too much in this chapter to spend a few paragraphs to comment on. As we read a few things stood out.

Scene 1:

Jesus sent Peter and John out with very specific instructions, basically to see at a specific location an ass and a colt, and to take the animals, if you are asked, let them know that the Lord has need of them. Now the Jews had been waiting looking for the Messiah that would come and save them from oppression. Horses were animals of kings that were joined by chariots and armies. In the natural this could have been an embarrassing command. But they went, the animals were right where they were supposed to be.

Scene 2:

 Jesus rides into a township of Jerusalem, and these animals that were used by a pauper. Yet there was something that compelled many to line the roadway, and do what we call in this era, “roll out the red carpet”. They shouted and celebrated “Hosanna!” Yes some asked questions but that didn’t stop the crowd.

Scene 3:

Jesus goes to the temple, and does some house cleaning. The temple had turned into a sellers market, there were potential sacrifices for sale, but the purpose of the temple had been compromised, what a scene of the Christ’s anger and authority. His house was to be a house of prayer.

There isn’t really a scene change here....  the sick, then came to the temple and they were healed. What a supernatural event!

What hit me here is there were some things that paved the way for the extra ordinary to take place in the temple;

1)             1)     Obedience, we need to do what he says. He has given us scripture as our road map, even when we don’t                   understand 

2)              2)    Purification, what things in our life need a spring cleaning, good sweep, even a good fire to burn what is                not pleasing to God 

3)              3)   Worship, in simplicity, doesn’t need a horse and chariots to ride in, he wants us to see Him for who he really            is, and living in an attitude of that street scene.

4)            Wonders, extra ordinary things took place, lives were changed. Lord let me crave such a experience on a daily basis so I can affect my world. We are the temples of the Holy Spirit.

  Just my 2 cents worth.

  Paul D.M Johnson