Following Him

Matt. 21

As usual there is too much in this chapter to spend a few paragraphs to comment on. As we read a few things stood out.

Scene 1:

Jesus sent Peter and John out with very specific instructions, basically to see at a specific location an ass and a colt, and to take the animals, if you are asked, let them know that the Lord has need of them. Now the Jews had been waiting looking for the Messiah that would come and save them from oppression. Horses were animals of kings that were joined by chariots and armies. In the natural this could have been an embarrassing command. But they went, the animals were right where they were supposed to be.

Scene 2:

 Jesus rides into a township of Jerusalem, and these animals that were used by a pauper. Yet there was something that compelled many to line the roadway, and do what we call in this era, “roll out the red carpet”. They shouted and celebrated “Hosanna!” Yes some asked questions but that didn’t stop the crowd.

Scene 3:

Jesus goes to the temple, and does some house cleaning. The temple had turned into a sellers market, there were potential sacrifices for sale, but the purpose of the temple had been compromised, what a scene of the Christ’s anger and authority. His house was to be a house of prayer.

There isn’t really a scene change here....  the sick, then came to the temple and they were healed. What a supernatural event!

What hit me here is there were some things that paved the way for the extra ordinary to take place in the temple;

1)             1)     Obedience, we need to do what he says. He has given us scripture as our road map, even when we don’t                   understand 

2)              2)    Purification, what things in our life need a spring cleaning, good sweep, even a good fire to burn what is                not pleasing to God 

3)              3)   Worship, in simplicity, doesn’t need a horse and chariots to ride in, he wants us to see Him for who he really            is, and living in an attitude of that street scene.

4)            Wonders, extra ordinary things took place, lives were changed. Lord let me crave such a experience on a daily basis so I can affect my world. We are the temples of the Holy Spirit.

  Just my 2 cents worth.

  Paul D.M Johnson


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  1. I find verse 19 curious. The note in my Bible says that His curing the fig tree was "... an acted-out parable. Jesus was showing His anger at religion without substance."