The End and the Beginning

Matt. 24

As I live my life as a believer it is so easy to be consumed with living: doing life, meeting deadlines, focusing on the future as it relates to me.  Today I am strongly reminded by this passage that to live is Christ and to die is gain!

Jesus here is giving us a roadmap to understand the signals of the end of this age. When I think of many of the signs listed in this passage along with the description of a woman in labour (verse 8). The signs are becoming more frequent and pronounced. Then in verse 34 Jesus says something very serious…… when you see these things happen know that this generation will not die until everything has happened. If that wasn’t enough He says, “ Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away”. This is another way of saying when Jesus speaks His words it is timeless

Even as to I am so easily consumed with my  busy life, the fact remains that scripture is being fulfilled, the time here on earth is short, and I need to be prepared and ready for the wedding (in chapter 22). If I am as serious as the Lord wants me to be, there would be a sense of urgency in how I live today, and how intense my passion is with respect to finding ways to let the whole world know that there is no one that He wants to leave behind. Everyone is invited to make their lives matter today for eternity, He is coming soon!

Paul D.M Johnson


  1. v12 sounds like the world we're living in.

  2. That is so true Pam, it sure makes me sit up straight! This is a great reminder for us that are in the church there can be a tendency to have our heads in the sand when it comes to eschatology(second coming)