Who is the KING of the Castle?

Matt 22 

Again, a bunch of nuggets here, here are a few thoughts, 

verse 2-

There is a marriage that is happening, and Christ the bridegroom has prepared a wonderful spread. The bride is us the church, with the vows being the gospel on which we are called to believe, and a big sacrifice has been given which the food that we eat at this banquet. Jesus continues to bait the listeners in this parable, the ones who knew better couldn’t be bothered to go and invite guests to the wedding banquet. Therefore the king destroys those servants…. (I mean the king). The king sends out some more servants that truly understood the mandate. People started coming to the banquet, but one person arrived and thought that he could come dress how he wanted,  “Arizona casual”. God seems to be reminding me, that he is requiring formal wear only, which means preparation is required.

  verse 15-22

There is a feeling from the religious leaders that they are trying to entrap Jesus with the law of the land… go figure. Is it Caesar or is it God, who owns what is really important here. God trumps Caesar, Caesar keeps the coin. God gets my life.

verse 41-45

The closing argument is in , is who is the bridegroom? David you know, decent starting point, but even David says “LORD” (v45). If God is God then I must give myself to him.

GOD RESTS HIS CASE!!!! Court is now adjourned.

This is an incredible example of using the law and divine understanding.

Paul D.M Johnson

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  1. What I love so much about v 37-40 is the big picture. I get lost in the details easily. It helps if I can be reminded of the big picture. If we focus on these then all the other laws fall into line. It also give a direction on what to do rather than "don't do's".