Sierra Prieta


Dominican Republic 2010

Last week a team of 25 people from MMCC traveled to Dominican Republic to visit a mountain village called Sierra Prieta. Partnering with Food for the Hungry in a program called Community to Community, we walk alongside the people of Sierra Prieta, joining them in what God is doing in their lives. Here are some photos of our trip. More to come soon...

Here is the bus we traveled in, it had an AC which was nice!

We got to do home visits with our sponsor children:

This is the church we worked with:

Jump rope was a big hit:


the Church...

I read this quote today...
We are spiritual contributors not spiritual consumers. The church does not exist for us. We are the church and we exist for the world.
Wow. So the question we're left with: What are we contributing?


the church has left the building

see below post from Jared to learn more about 'the church has left the building.' watch following video for a little inspiration...


The Church Has Left the Building

On Sunday, May 30th, McDowell Mountain Community Church will try something we have never done before. We are using the morning for a day of service to our community. This means we will have no worship service, but will worship with service to others. We are encouraging our people to find different opportunities to serve around the city from 10-11am (not including travel time). We would like you to brainstorm different ministry ideas for this Sunday. It could be plugging into one of our current in town ministries (Brooks Academy, PHX Rescue Mission, Americans for Better Tomorrow etc.) or seeking something new. We would like to pursue what God has put on your heart. We believe this is a practical way to love others with no strings attached and spread the good news of Christ. Here are a couple of organizations that might help with ideas: http://servolution.org/ideas/ and www.servantevangelism.com (ex. hospital visits, passing out water at local parks, food distribution).

Here is what you can do: Identify a ministry project and project leader, email jared@mcdowellmountianchurch.com with the details.

Let's start the discussion: