Today we find the story of Paul...or Saul. Saul was relentless in his persecution of followers of Jesus. He killed many of them. And He did it to 'honor God.' It is always interesting that people kill other people, and do so claiming that it is an act of love toward God. Where have you seen that in the history of our world/our country? Where have you seen people destroy other people's lives with slander, verbal abuse, etc and claim to love God? (That is a side discussion, but if it interests you, check out Greg Boyd's The Myth of a Christian Nation.) Despite Saul's persecution of Christ's followers, God called Him to become a spokesman, a man on a mission, a major player in the story God was writing in the world. Many times, we fail to act on what God is moving us to do because we know who we are. We know that we're not good enough or that we've made too many mistakes or that we don't have all the answers. So we leave God's work to the paid professionals. This story from Acts is a reminder that God can work through anyone who is willing to follow. What part of God's story is He inviting you to be a part of? Are you in?