"What do I still lack?"

Matthew 19

The story of the Rich Young Man is astonishing to me. He was not a Pharisee trying to trap Jesus. It seems he genuinely wanted help. How many people in the gospels come to Jesus, seeking, searching, asking and leave disappointed?

For so many people in the gospels who are hurting, dying, caught in sin, the message of Jesus is good news. For this young man, the message of Jesus does not seem to be good news at all. “He went away sad…”

He meets Jesus and leaves sad?
What can we learn from this?

Of course, there are a lot different contextual things going on in this story...but with our current sermon series, this is a good reminder of what we should put our trust in.

PS- Verse 21 might be one of the hardest verses in the Bible to read….verse 26 might be one of my favorites.


  1. Another observation, about the end of chapter 17... the Temple tax is only paid for Peter and Jesus. I think the other disciples were young boys.

    In chapter 18 I'm again so thankful that verses 21 & 22 are in the same chapter and in the context of 15-17. Yes, we forgive them, but that doesn't mean that we don't confront them.

    I found it surprising the the disciples are so astounded by what Jesus says about rich people. Again, I learned in the context of their day the rich were considered especially blessed by God.

  2. the Rich Man got an A++ in following the external matters of the commandment but apparently he did not fair well in the internal affair of his heart which found their center in his own possesion.Sad.