Chapter 9

Sorry--I'm late in the day and this is a short posting, especially compared to the material in Chapter 9.  What jumped out most to both Darin and I, was verse 32.  What God brought to my heart are people in my life that think their works are enough.  And, I was convicted in prayer for them.  It reminded me of Megan in first grade.  

She wasn't being challenged at all and this became very clear one day when we were running late for school.  Her spelling list was lying on the table and, realizing we hadn't studied for it at all, she grabbed it, then laid it back down mumbling to herself "I don't need to study.  I know them all already.  I always do."  And, she aced the test.  My point?  It was very difficult that year to teach her study habits that she would need later on in life when she didn't need the studying to do well now.  When people think their works are "good enough", it is often difficult to get them to realize and accept a need for Christ.  It's that "why change what you're doing if it's already working for you?", kind of thinking.  It made me examine my attitude today and how I'm doin' on my Walk.  I need to be careful to not equate my works for Christ with my living for Christ.
One last thought:  I also like how I read it in The Bible Exposition Commentary, "They (Israel) rejected "grace righteousness" and tried to please God with Law righteousness." There's that Law versus grace thing again.  Thank God for His grace to those who believe!

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  1. I feel so blessed to be brought into the family. V. 26 "... Once they were told, 'You are not My people.' But now He will say, 'You are children of the living God.'" Pretty cool!