The Sermon on the plain

In Luke 6 we have another famous teaching of Jesus, yet it is not recognized as much as it’s parallel passage in Matthew 5-7. I have heard some scholars say, that this was not a one-time sermon for Jesus, but he actually taught it quite at bit. We see something similar to this today with our famous teachers and speakers, they will have a great sermon and they travel and speak to different crowds with it. Usually it will end up in a book. Who are some of your favorite speakers? What sermon series have had a huge influence on you?

Compare Jesus words in Matthew 5:3-12 with Luke 6:20-26. What are the similarities? What are the differences? Why do you think Luke tells the story of the sermon a little bit differently?


  1. I love Anne Graham Lots - Vision of His Glory going over Revelation and Beth Moore's study on the book of Daniel.
    A sermon that spoke to me years ago was a Christmas one talking about who God sent His birth announcement. (lowly shepherds)
    Luke gives a sampling of the blessings and includes the sorrows or woes. Luke shares from a Gentile perspective.

  2. I don't know about a series but I heard a sermon once on Jesus healing the crippled man in the Temple from the man's perspective. Jesus asked the man to come forward and stretch out his hand. The man simply did what he could do, and Jesus did what that man could not. "Do what you can, and He will do what you can't." Stuck with me I guess. Wish I followed that better.