Holy Cow...

Luke 12 brings it. There is no beating around the bush here. Here are some pieces that may bring conviction...or inspiration...or reminders.

12.8-10: Perfect follow up to Sunday's message. Followers fish. Period. We love Jesus and it should be natural that we talk about Him with others.

12.16-21: We are foolish to build kingdoms here on earth. What a waste of time for us to work hard and simply horde what God has blessed us with. It will all be gone in the end. Invest what you've been given for God's Kingdom.

12.42-48: See above...we better use what we've been given for good.

12.49: Tough passage to understand. But here's the deal - Jesus is either at the center or He's not. If He is, it causes division with the ways of the world. If He's not, we have division within ourselves.

You've got to love a passage packed with conviction and truth first thing in the morning. What jumped out at you?


  1. All good, but particularly needed the two verses on the futility of worry. Seem to be doing too much of that lately.

  2. I like v. 12 that says "...the Holy Spirit will teach you what needs to be said even as you are standing there." I need the Spirit to teach me what needs to be said. I'm convicted at what comes out of my mouth.