Just have to blog tonight's conversation with my kiddos. It was awesome. This morning, we read Ephesians 2 (yep, we were already behind). Connor recognized one of his memory verses from this past year - For we are God's masterpiece... Tonight, I asked if they remembered anything that we read. Here's the conversation:
Calvin: "Yes."
Me: "What do you remember?"
Calvin: "Something."
Connor: "My memory verse: For we are God's masterpiece..."
Me: "So, what does that mean?"
Calvin: "I know."
Connor: Picks up a piece of chalk and proceeds to begin a piece of artwork on the chalkboard. "Calvin, It is like......"
Calvin: " I want dad to tell me."
Me: "Just listen for a minute."
Connor: "Well, Calvin, you know how sometimes you paint a bunch of stuff on a piece of paper at school?"
Calvin: "Yeah."
Connor: "That is like, your masterpiece. And God is saying that you are like that - you are his piece of art."
Calvin: "Oh. I'm hungry."

I just love the simple truth of scripture -- simple enough to be understood by children. And that is often missed by me. Enjoy Ephesians. May you find the simple truths...

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