Mel, Abe and Jesus

Remember today that the author is working on an argument that presents Jesus as superior to anyone the readers have considered being sent from God. The author presents Melchizedek, king of Salem and priest in Jerusalem during the time of Abraham. To a Hebrew reader, Abraham was one of the great Patriarchs of the faith. He was a very important man in the history of the Jewish nation, and he was sent from God. In Genesis, we find that Abraham, a great man of God, paid tithes to Melchizedek. Melchizedek then blesses Abraham. At first glance, we may think that the author is just another pastor who is getting ready to take up an offering (insert chuckle here) ... but the author is once again brilliantly building a case for who Christ is. Abraham paid a tithe to Melchizedek, showing that Melchizedek was superior to Abraham - and Abraham's family line...which is the priesthood of the Old Testament (the Levitical priesthood). If this Old Testament law and priesthood would have been sufficient, God would not have needed to send Jesus, a new priest. God did send a new priest, and because of this, everything must change.

Read verses 18 and 19 again. The Old Testament law did nothing to perfect humanity - it only made us aware of the sin in our lives. The new system, the new priest - Jesus Christ - has taken the place of the old and has the power to reconnect us to God Himself ("and this is how we draw near to God"). The author finishes this chapter with another beautiful picture of what Jesus did for us. Read verses 23-28 again. What is Jesus doing now? What did He do on the cross? And what difference does that make for you?

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  1. Verses 18 and 19 also again addresses the question asked earlier this year about the role of the Old Testament in our lives.
    "Jesus remains a priest forever." "He lives forever to plead with God on (our) behalf."
    "He sacrificed Himself on the cross."
    It's not what you know, but Who you know. I've been saved from a disaster now and later. I'm now empowered to focus on others and pass on that love and redemption.