Hebrews 6

First, let me confess that I've been prepping VBS all week, so my study on Hebrews 6 is greatly lacking. However, as it contains verses 4-6, I wanted to at least start a discussion. When I first read these verses I thought "this must be one of the passages that causes the 'can you lose your salvation?' controversy." The few commentaries I did get to read seem to lean toward an understanding of this section as the writer is talking to/about unbelievers who have heard the Truth and know of it, but have chosen not to except the Truth in it's entirety and for eternity. I want to share a few thoughts I found...

The tasting of truth is not enough to keep them from falling away from it. They must come all the way to Christ in complete repentance and faith; otherwise, they in effect re-crucify Christ and treat Him contemptuously. Those who sin against Christ in such a way have no hope of restoration or forgiveness because they reject Him with full knowledge and conscious experience. They have concluded that Jesus should have been crucified, and they stand with His enemies. It is impossible to renew such to repentance. ("Got?.org" )

Now come to verse 4, he says, "You know so much that it is impossible, for you who have been so enlightened and tasted the heavenly gift, partakers of the Holy Spirit, tasted the good word of God, the powers the age to come, if you fall away to renew you to repentance." In other words, with all you know if you turn your back on this you could never be saved. Why? Because if you reject with such full light, how could you ever be saved? Do you see the point? (John MacArthur)

In other words, if you walk away from this there’s no hope for you, because this is all the revelation you could possibly have, you ought to be a teacher. I mean you know everything. And if you turn your back on this…it’s hopeless. Your going to go right out and crucify the Son of God and put Him in open shame. (John MacArthur)

Not one word in verse 4 or 5 is ever used anywhere in the Bible to speak of salvation. Salvation is never called enlightenment, it is never called tasting the Spirit of God, it is never called tasting the powers of the age to come, it is never called tasting the good Word of God. Those are references to having an intellectual perception. So you see, the point there is they weren’t even saved...  (John MacArthur)

Now, I'm sure we could discuss this all day, and please share your findings on this passage, but I don't want to overlook the first 3 verses of this chapter where we are told to make sure we grow up.  Having worked with kids all my life, I've seen every different maturity rate out there! However, I'm not sure I've ever seen a kid who didn't want to grow up, who wasn't always looking into the future and what a few more years would bring them:  different TV options, sleepovers, kindergarten, bigger allowance, driver's license, etc.  Kids tend to focus on the rewards that come with growing up, with maturity.  So, why don't we, as Christians, do the same?  Why are so many of us content to just stay babies?  Why don't we focus on the rewards of maturity? That is a closer relationship with Christ, a faith that is ever more secure and a clearer and deeper understanding of who God is.  

So, where in your walk are you still taking baby steps?

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  1. Wow, that was a tough topic to tackle being so distracted. Does John Mac Arthur have any thoughts on this topic? :)
    What I love about my walk with the Lord is I don't see the growth happening. Then, at times He lets me look back and see the progress. That way I know it was Him doing the growing.
    I thinks kids growing are similar. We get to point out their growth and progress.