Chapter 14 is full of heartbreaking stories. Jesus is betrayed, disobeyed, deserted, lied about, and these are just his friends. Jesus is arrested and in verse 53 brought before the high priests and the Sanhedrin.
Now the Sanhedrin was the “Supreme Court” in Jerusalem made up of 70 judges, and this nighttime meeting was illegal for them. They were looking for a reason to put Jesus to death. “Some gave false testimony against Jesus… yet even their own testimony did not agree (v. 59).”
Finally the high priest asks Jesus, “Are you the Messiah, the Son of the Blessed One?” Jesus responds, “I am.”

Now up until this point Jesus has told people to be quiet about him being the Messiah (Mk. 1:34, 44 5:43, 8:30). We even blogged about it a few weeks ago as Shad brought it to our attention. Scholars know this idea as the “Messianic Secret.”

Jesus knew the consequences of such a claim… and here at this moment he reveals any secret of who he is. In response to a direct question, Jesus does not hesitate. In fact, he uses the very word “Adonai” used to identify himself to Moses at the burning bush, when he said, “I am who I am.”
So not only does Jesus affirm he is the Messiah, the Son of the Blessed One, he hints that he is to be identified with Adonai himself!

This would have been a loaded statement to the high priests and Sanhedrin who knew their Torah well. Can you imagine the intensity of this moment? The priest tore his clothes!
Yesterday, Matt shared about how he was reflecting on who Jesus is. Maybe today we can also reflect on Jesus’ response to the question about who he is… “Adonai”.

The secret is out.

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  1. We can't live in the past 'cause He's not "I was". We can't live in the future 'cause He's not "I will be".
    He doesn't leave room for us to call Him a good man. He was either God, like He claimed or crazy or a liar.