lamb selection...

Today was Palm Sunday. At MMCC, we went a bit different than the traditional BIG route. We stripped everything back and went acoustic. I thought it was a great morning...

  • Palm Sunday was 'lamb selection day' for the Jews who had traveled to Jerusalem for Passover.
  • Roman officers would have entered town on distinguished animals. Jesus entered on a donkey.
  • The palm branch was a sign of nationalistic pride. It was the Jews' way of saying that they wanted their nation back and wanted the Romans out.
  • Hosanna meant 'save us.' But not in the way we sing it today. They were looking for political freedom from the Romans.
  • I preached in the dark today. I've never done that. Jesus said He was the light of the world. I wanted to magnify the idea that we are surrounded by darkness and need Jesus to follow, to expose our 'stuff' and for hope.
  • We are also called to be the light. So we hid a bunch of flashlights under chairs in the theater. When all of those flashlights were on, the darkness was pushed aside. Hmmmmmmm....hope that picture/idea stuck.
  • Spent the afternoon watching a little bball. Wanted Baylor to pull it out. At least the Spartans pushed through.

Looking forward to a great Holy Week. Always good to slow down and reflect on who Jesus was, why He died and what He accomplished by overcoming that death.

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