struggling in the storm

Mark, chapter 6 records a story of Jesus. He sent His disciples across the lake in a boat while he went up in the mountains to pray. He could see the disciples rowing in the boat from his spot in the hills. They were struggling against the wind and waves. Late into the night, He walked out on the water to them. He almost passed them by, but they began screaming...thinking he was a ghost. He calmed them, climbed into the boat...and the storm began to settle.

Last night, this was the passage Ray Vander Laan spoke about in our community group study. This is just one reason why community groups are a great thing to commit to...we learn so much about the scriptures. Ray pointed out a couple things that I find strengthen my faith...
  1. Jesus watched the disciples as they struggled in the storm. Often times, we feel alone in the storm...but God sees us. And He allows us to be in the storm.
  2. The disciples landed in Gennesaret...even though they set out for Bethsaida. Sometimes, because of a storm, our direction changes. We end up in places we didn't think we'd be. That is ok.
What is strengthening your faith as you read and talk about these stories of Jesus?

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