This morning, I read some thoughts from Seth Godin on 'the hidden power of gifts.' There are some great thoughts about giving and receiving. Read his thoughts here:
Seth Godin: The Hidden Power of Gifts

This raises some great questions. Here are a few that jumped out at me:

  • Am I truly giving a gift or am I simply exercising my power over someone?
  • Is it a gift if I still control how it is used? (a lesson i am learning with my kiddos)
  • If I am expecting a return on my gift is it better called an investment?
  • If a gift with strings attached is control or marketing what is love with strings attached?
  • Do I have a hard time receiving a gift because I have inferiority issues?

I love how kids receive gifts. They don't begin thinking of what they have to give to 'return' the gift. They simply rip a gift open and begin playing with it. How do you receive gifts? How do you receive love?

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  1. Matt: In reading the assigned scripture for today (Matt. 23 and 24), your comments about gifts and the "strings attached" thereto is not unlike the hypocrisy shown by the "teachers" of the day during Christ's time on earth. All of what they did was oriented toward themselves. Their outward actions were ostensibly to 'serve' God and to theoretically provide an example of godliness to His people. When in fact it was all about them. As such when we "love" in the name of Christ, your message of "no strings attached" resonates as it is only the unconditional love of Christ shown to others by us (a gift, if you will) through the power of His Holy Spirit that is truly a gift of God. Likewise, on the receiving end of such love, we need to embrace these acts of love by others (when delivered sincerely and without strings -- i.e. truly a manifestation of Christ in us) with grace and gratefulness, because in fact the love being demonstrated is from Him. Hope you have a blessed day!