sunday night thoughts...

I’m going to have a tough time sleeping tonight – I’m too fired up from today. It was an awesome day at MMCC. Great worship, led by Joe, Jill, Faith, Jason, Sean, Dave and Phil. Here are some random thoughts from the day:

  • The room was packed. Even with folding chairs along the back wall, there were only 10 open seats in the house. Love a full room!
  • Jill Besse was awesome on Nicole Nordeman’s Legacy. Love that song – and Jill sounded great.
  • Joe’s story of a friend asking if God really loved her was a great lead into How He Loves.
  • We had around 60 show up for Pizza with the Pastors. It was great connecting with so many new families.
  • Yes, I did say that God thought His creation was very good…all except for the cats. And yes, someone walked up to me at Pizza with the Pastors with a cat sweater on. Awkward.
  • I had more comments about the shirt I wore today than I’ve ever had about a piece of clothing I’ve worn on a Sunday morning. Half were good comments, half wondered what I was thinking. Robin dresses me – take it up with her.
  • You were created with a relationship hole in your soul – and the only thing that can fill it is healthy relationships.
  • As a society, we are over-connected – and yet we are still lonely and depressed. We are missing out on what God wants us to experience.
  • Healthy relationships demand time, truth and forgiveness.
  • Funny moment today … someone telling me during the sermon that Facebook should be shut down. Nice.
  • Funnier moment … I called Steve, ‘Michael’ (which is his last name) during the sermon. He texted me 30 seconds later to correct me.
  • I love my boys…all three of them: Connor, Calvin and little Charlie. I love being a dad to them.
  • My wife is amazing and she looks incredible for just having had a baby. I’m a lucky dude.
  • I am overwhelmed by God’s grace, mercy and love for me. I don’t deserve it.

Colts won… Vikes/Saints are tied. Well, time to watch some football. Good night…

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