Unsung Heroes Luke 23

This passage is too powerful to pass up. It is one of the darkest moments for humanity, the crucifixion of Jesus. The corruption, evil, mockery, and injustices that brought this murder about are very evident in the verses leading up to this event.

Yet as I read the story this morning I was filled with hope.
Not because I know how this story ends, that Jesus rises from the dead, conquering sin and death. And not because I know that this had to happen, and Jesus ultimately let it happen.

I was filled with hope because of the compassion of a few people in this dark story.

In verse 27, we have a large number of people still following Jesus, and women who mourned and wailed for him. In verse 40, on the cross, we have a criminal making statements to defend Jesus against another who was hurling insults. In verse 50, we have Joseph of Arimathea taking care of Jesus’ body and burial. Joseph was a member of the Council, and had not consented to their decision to crucify Jesus.

It is like Luke wants to remind us that some humans that are still good. In the midst of tragedy and evil, some still stand up for what is right. Even when others have deserted, mocked, and destroyed Jesus; there will be the few that stay strong.

I hope that we find strength and hope from the story of the few who stayed next to Jesus. And in this story, the loyalty is found in a criminal, a Pharisee, and a group of women.