Dominican Republic

Day 1.5 in the Dominican Republic was great. We spent the day visiting some communities where Food for the Hungry has been active over the past 2-5 years. It is amazing to see their vision of a wholistic Gospel. I can't wait to tell you more about it. These communities are on the edge of Santo Domingo, the capital city. The living conditions are horrible. Seeing the children in these conditions breaks my heart. We'll talk more about this on Sunday. On the drive back, we saw the old city, where Christopher Columbus landed and established a city. Tomorrow, we head to Sierra Prieta. I'll try to post some pictures at mcdowellmountainchurch.com in the next couple of days.


  1. Thanks for taking the lead on this Pastor Matt. We are so excited to get going loving on these people who have so little. Pick out a little Petty for us... Team Petty

  2. The pictures tell such stories. Thank you all for being there and setting up this opportunity to continue to love with no strings attached. The O family can't wait to be hands and feet with you next summer!