The art of letter writing is not dead, at least not in our family.   Megan loves to write letters to one of her best friends in Tennessee.  Now, these are not traditional letters as they are often written on multiple pieces of paper or sticky notes reflecting their different moods on the different days each was penned.  And that is why I love when I get to read them.  Those letters burst with personality and honesty--reflecting exactly what each was thinking in that moment. That is true freedom among friends who hide nothing.  I thought of this as I read Chapter 3 today.

In Paul's letter he speaks of people being letters, letters of commendation...of proof of our works, really.  And, the freedom that comes when we turn to God and experience Him face to face.  It made me ask myself some questions:

Do I hid behind any veils?  Is there an area of my life that I have not completely exposed, and submitted to God?

What "letters" have I written in my lifetime?  In the last few months?  In the last week?  I hope and pray always that my children are letters for me; reflections of how well I have shared and shown God to them.  But what other letters am I working on? Who else can some day be that reflection?  Not for our glory, but for the sake of God's Kingdom should we all be composing letters of lives daily.  

So, who should be your next letter?

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  1. v 11 is another response to the question posed a while back about the role of the Old Testament in our lives. It refers to the old covenant being "set aside". Dan and I have been talking about the spirit of religion and what a mean spirit it is. It is the antithesis of the Spirit of Christ. He harshly confronted and went after the religious leaders. I think it's important to read the Old and the New Testament from the perspective of Christ's law of love and not make it into a religious thing.