In chapter 3, the author brings Moses into the presentation. To a Jew, Moses was one of the most influential men in all of history. Moses led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt. In essence, Moses was a savior to their ancestors. The story of the Exodus was the foundational story in their history. The Torah was attributed to Moses' work. Moses was one very important fellow. But compared to Jesus, Moses doesn't hold a candle. The author is continuing to build a foundation of the supremacy of Jesus. Jesus is above all. Notice how the author doesn't just stop here, but how she then moves to instruction. She reminds the reader/hearer/us that those who followed Moses hardened their hearts toward God. Now that God has spoken to us through Christ, we must not harden our hearts...we must keep our hearts and minds soft and open to God's voice and will in our lives through Jesus.

How do our hearts become hard toward God? I know there are definite times in my life that I have turned away from the truth and hardened my heart toward God. What is it that moves us in this direction? And then, how do we return, how do we find ourselves moving back toward God's love in Jesus?

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  1. I think turning to our own way. "It's okay, God, I've got this one covered." Wanting to address our issues, our way. Turning to other resources... drinking, eating, not eating (I tried that one), success, power, control,.... I move toward God as I realize my need for and dependence upon Him. Each time I give Him an area, He proves Himself faithful.