light and momentary troubles… huh

Here are some observations and questions on II Cor. 11

In this passage Paul is writing in response to opposition against him.
It is a fascinating passage but something really jumps out at me as I read.

In chapter 4 Paul writes about his ministry. Look at verses 8-12, and 16-18 of chapter 4.

Then read chapter 11: 23-29.

What light and momentary troubles have plagued Paul?
How is he outwardly wasting away but inwardly being renewed?
How is death at work in him but life at work in others?

How does this inspire you?

How does it challenge you?

1 comment:

  1. Ooo, you're making us work, Jared! Living with threats to his safety and comfort.
    He's finding life in the Spirit.
    He's sacrificing for other's spiritual gain.

    Not to that extreme but, I know the life he's referring to and it's worth the sacrifice.

    I've been asking myself a lot how I'll respond when the persecution comes. I trust He'll give me the grace and the strength when the time comes. Right now I feel blessed on both ends.