the body

I absolutely love Paul's discussion about the body, or the church. Paul is clear that each believer receives a gift from God's Spirit and that this gift is to be used to build up the church. He speaks about the church as a body - a group of individual parts working together for the greater good. Each part is vital. There is not one part that can be removed without hurting the body. In other words, there is no appendix in the church. You are a vital part of the church. Regardless of what gift you think you may or may not have, you are a vital part of the church. MMCC is not what God had in mind if you are not using your gift to build up the body, the church. (How is that for guilt?) If you are a believer, you have a gift that fulfills an important role in the church.
So, to build one another up, what gifts do you see functioning in our church body today? Who do you see using a gift that God gave them? For example, Christy Fay and Dan Smith used their gifts the past two weeks to bring The Shack to life in Sunday morning worship.
And, what gift do you bring to the body? Are you using it?

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  1. I love Helen T. and her gift she so generously shares with the body. Lori P. is a huge gift from Jesus to our church.
    I love encouraging women. Thanks for letting me get plugged in with that. I love the kids, too.