3 pieces

Mark is a staightforward Gospel. It simply tells the story of Jesus - in power and servanthood. There is much packed into each chapter. Today, three things jumped out at me.

1. Jesus saw the faith of four men who brought a friend to him to be healed. Mark is telling this story, giving a picture of Jesus carrying the authority of God. But he also is giving a picture of how important it is that we, in our faith, carry our family, our friends, our neighbors to Jesus. This is why INVEST & INVITE is such a vital action. We are to invest & invite so that our family, friends, neighbors can experience life change with Jesus. Who are you investing in? Who are you inviting for Easter? (Remember, this man's friends didn't have to heal the man - they didn't have to explain anything to him - they simply brought him to Jesus.)

2. Jesus called Matthew. Maybe this jumped out at me because my name is Matthew. Or maybe it is because I realized how Matthew was such a bad choice for the job. Or maybe it was both - how my name is Matthew and I am a bad choice for the job (trust me, I know me better than you know me.). Humanly, it didn't make sense for Jesus to call Matthew. But he did. And Jesus calls you and me, regardless of what it looks like from a human perspective. Then, Jesus went to a party at Matthew's house - full of tax collectors and sinners. Hmmm. Have you gone to a 'Matthew party' lately? Maybe we should throw a 'Matthew party' for our neighbors. No preaching, no DVD, no worship music...just people hanging out talking about life.

3. The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. I love this thought. How often do we simply follow rules because we think this is what makes God happy? The command about the Sabbath was given because that is how we were created to live. Click here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjW63LuqYm8) and watch this preview. Rob has some great thoughts about life rhythm.

What jumped at you today?


  1. First of all Matt, I don't think you are a bad choice for the job. I think you are God's choice for the job...

    Also, as we discussed this chapter on the way to school today, the kids had questions about the new patches on the old clothes and the new wine in old wineskins. We thought about how you wouldn't go to a Diamondbacks game with the opportunity to sit in the dugout and choose instead to sit in the bleachers and then watch the game on your TV/phone. Why would you pass up an opportunity to be right there with the players? These religious leaders had the opportunity to hang with and experience Jesus, but they rejected the invitation and wasted an amazing opportunity. Let's not waste OUR invitation to hang with Jesus.

  2. What stood out to me on this day was that "Jesus was angry about the Pharisees' uncaring attitudes. Anger itself is not wrong. It depends on what makes us angry and what we do with our anger...." (I'm quoting from a note in my Bible.) It stood out to me because I experienced a righteous anger this week. It was mingled with a passion for prison ministry.