1 Thessalonians Orienting Data

These are two short letters, but very important letters. There are some disagreements among scholars, but I believe that these were two of Paul's first letters. Paul wrote these letters to a church that he had started in Thessalonika. In the first letter, we will find a couple of reasons for him to write. The first is simply to encourage. Being a Christian in this day would have been extremely difficult. Early Christians were in the minority and suffered much persecution. The second reason had to do with Christ's second coming. Paul wanted these Christians well grounded in this important belief.

As you and I read, I pray that we are encouraged. Paul writes about the history of this young church. Maybe you and I will be reminded of our history, MMCC's history - and be encouraged by God's grace and direction in our lives. And, as we read later chapters, I pray that we will be encouraged about what will one day take place - Christ's return.

Chapter 1 is so appropriate to where we find ourselves. We will experience trouble in our lives together - and how we respond to that trouble will be a reflection of the hope and trust we have in God. Our outward behavior is a picture of what lives inside. I love how Eugene Peterson puts it in the Message:
We don’t even have to say anything anymore—you’re the message!

So, MMCC - be the message. Live the message. And I guess if we have to, we'll use words.

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  1. It's hard to read this and not think of whatever local church you are a part of since this should be the goal of every church body--living out the message, the hope, the love, the Truth, the salvation of Christ. As I read, God brought to my thoughts people at MMCC who exemplify this passage; followers of Christ who imitate faithful Christians and Christ. How blessed I am to serve among you! May we continue to pray for God to use us to reach out to our families, communities and world so that all may know and see the love of Christ.